BiOrion is a Dutch clinical stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in developing targeted therapeutics and companion imaging diagnostics for fibrotic diseases. We are currently developing a PET-imaging diagnostic for liver, lung and kidney fibrosis and a combined PET-imaging diagnostic and targeted radiotherapeutic for advanced CMS4 colon cancer. Our platform and drug development engine is based on proprietary PDGF-ß-receptor medium affinity binding bicyclic peptides and PDGF-ß-receptor high affinity single domain antibodies (VHH).

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Fibrotic tissue, as present in e.g. liver fibrosis and in mesenchymal type colon cancer stroma, is characterized by abundant myofibroblast-specific overexpression of the PDGF-ß-receptor. This over-expressed receptor allows myofibroblast-specific targeting and delivery of imaging and therapeutic radionuclides or antifibrotic drugs, thereby leaving healthy tissues unaffected. As the PDGF-ß-receptor appears early during fibrogenesis and declines rapidly during fibrolysis, it is a sensitive diagnostic biomarker for rapid follow-up of antifibrotic therapy. Therefore, our novel non-invasive PET imaging diagnostics may be superior to other existing diagnostics for fibrosis in the market.

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BiOrion runs three active development programs. Hepatoscan®, is a PET imaging diagnostic where the PET radionuclide 68-Gallium is conjugated to a PDGF-ß-receptor binding bicyclic peptide to identify patients with hepatic fibrosis and to follow up effect of antifibrotic therapy within weeks. In the imaging diagnostic Oncoloscan®, the PET radionuclide 68-Gallium is conjugated to a PDGF-ß-receptor binding single domain antibody (VHH) whereas in Oncoluthera® the radionuclide 177-Lutetium is conjugated to this single domain antibody. The latter two are developed for patients suffering from advanced CMS4 colorectal cancer. Fibroferon®, finally, is a PDGF-ß-receptor targeted C-terminal signaling domain of interferon gamma. Fibroferon® is primarily developed for targeted antifibrotic therapy of patients suffering from hepatic fibrosis.

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Selective Targeting of Fibrotic stroma

allowing precise PET radio-imaging and radiotherapy of mesenchymal type colon cancer


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