BOT501-i: Hepatoscan®, diagnostic PET-Imaging

BOT501-i, Hepatoscan®, is a PDGF-ß-receptor targeted bicyclic peptide 68Gallium NOTA conjugate.


Accumulation of BOT501-i in PDGF-ß-receptor overexpressing cells has demonstrated to be disease-specific with functional signal/background ratios in animal models of the fibrotic heart, the fibrotic liver, the fibrotic lungs, the fibrotic kidneys and CMS4 colorectal cancer.


In the imaging diagnostic BOT501-i, a PET radionuclide, 68Gallium, is conjugated to a NOTA moiety of the PDGF-ß-receptor binding bicyclic peptide. Conjugation procedures differ, appropriate for its specific application in a fibrotic liver or fibrotic stroma in cancer.